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Here is the link up for your Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Post all 15 to your blog- edit your BEST and put that one FIRST AND BIGGER!  Make sure you label all of your photos.

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2 more posts!

Tomorrow we will take the last photos of the year.....wipe a tear, I know!  For today you need to edit your sunrise/sunset photos with the faux-hdr action- its a great action- check schoology!  I really like it!!  Make sure you crop your photo!

I will have an example and link up tomorrow.  You have until MONDAY to turn in all late assignments and this assignment, as well as tomorrow's photos.

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Side Lit and Bokah



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Side Lit Photos

This is a really great assignment!  You need to take a photo with a STRONG light source.  Using white and black paper to reflect or absorbe light will help.

Here are examples of side lit photos:
More (scroll to the bottom)

Here is what you are going to do with it once you are done:

Plus This
 Equals This

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Water- No seniors- bummer!

Action 4- Martz90 Actions

So Seniors- you are done- no need to do this- make sure you get your planets done and handed in before Wednesday!

On to Water- hopefully you all had a chance to take a nice water pic this weekend- I did- I don't know if it was nice- but when you go to the Mississippi River you are bound to take some photos!

I struggled with what to run on your photos- I uploaded quite a few actions on Schoology today!  Than I realize, why don't I point you in the right direction and let you pick for your self.  So here you go - this site has quite a few good actions that you can download- if you have problems downloading an action let me know and I will help.

Here you go:

Interview with 3D street painting artist César Paredes from Lima, Peru 2013

We recently learned of César Paredes, a 3D street painting artist in Peru creating fine street paintings.  Here is our interview with César and photos of his work to share with our readers at Blog Now on
CParedes_Machu picchu mochilero 2

Where are you from originally?
Hi, I´m César Paredes and I am originally from Peru. I am 28 years old.
Where do you live now?
I live in Lima, the capital city in the province of Lima, specifically in the district of Santiago de Surco.
What is your occupation?
I am currently a university student. I work to create art projects and eventually work as an assistant for audiovisual production.
What do you call street painting in Peru? (In the UK it is called screeeving, in Australia it is called pavement art)
In Peru it is little known but may be called as in Australia, pavement art. In Peru I haven´t heard of any painters on pavement.
How many years have you been street painting?
Usually I do not paint in the streets. I have painted on the floor of 2 shopping centers on behalf of an advertising agency in 2009 in the month of November. I paint since 2006 on the ground; I started painting on a support role in an auxiliary space in my house.
I’ve made art since I was 10 years old, I studied at the Art Museum of Lima, and then when I was 22 years old I entered to the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Lima and studied Art there as a profession career for 4 years.
CParedes_Machu picchu mochilero (6m x 4m)
How did you first get interested in this art form?
In 2006 I got an email, a ppt file with images of Julian Beever. It had been sent by a relative living in the U.S. who eventually carries the art of oil on canvas paintings. Seeing that kind of 3D painting on the pavement, made me investigate the technique and doing my own paintings, I started with a bucket and in 2007 I did a painting on canvas or 3D anamorphosis.
How did you learn to create 3-D street paintings?
I am self-taught, with some support from a professor of the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, lots of support from a partner and also a relative who is an architect.
Is street painting popular in Peru?
As I said before street painting is very little known but mural painting is quiet well known in Lima and provinces, made with spray and air compressors, with various themes. A fellow artist from the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Lima makes murals with graffiti art and social issues and Andean identity in Ayacucho, a province in Peru.
Are there any other street painters in your area or are you the only one?
I am the first 3D artist on pavement in Peru, recognized by the media, and the only one for now. There so, I was selected by an international advertising agency.
Do you usually work alone or with other artists?
I usually work with one or 2 artists led by me in 3D technical issue. The last painting I made a week ago, I did it by myself.
CParedes_Machu picchu escaleras 2
How often do you street paint?    
In one year I made 4 3D pavement paintings: a pre-production workshop in March 2009, two paintings in malls in November 2009 and a pre-production in my particular area in March 2010.
In what countries have you street painted?
I've only painted in Peru, and haven´t had the joy of painting in other countries, I would love to do it in one of the festivals organized in the USA. 

Do you have a favorite subject or theme in your street paintings? 
My favorite is the pre-Hispanic cultures that currently occupy ground Peru: Cuzco, Inca culture in the year 1400; Culture Chimú, Chan chan in the year 1100.
What is your approach to starting your street paintings?
My freehand sketches are in pencil, then I use watercolor on cardboard stretched to proceed to give color and a photomontage for pre-visualization. That was the creative process of my previous works.
I certainly used a grid, but for the last painting on pavement did not use it, I have found a new method that works better for me.
How long does it take you to create a 3D street painting?
It takes 4 days, working from 4 to 5 hours a day.
CParedes_Machu picchu escaleras (3.5m x 2.8m)
What is the most difficult aspect of street painting?
For 3D painting, at the beginning, it was difficult to understand the law of reverse perspective and re-educate my perception of space. When painting over a parking lot, my fingers bled after 3 days of constant painting, apart from physical fatigue, the satisfaction of seeing my work finished and the people interacting with it, clears all difficulties.
What do you enjoy most about street painting?
The interaction and interest of the people to be photographed with my painting is totally rewarding. Approximately 1800 people were photographed with 2 of my paintings at 6 days of exposure.
What is your favorite street painting you have worked on to date?
The “ruins of Chan Chan” is an original interpretation of the most recognizable symbols of Chimú culture and they are located in northern Peru at Trujillo department.

CParedes_Interpretación de Chan chan (6m x 4m)
How do you feel about the ephemeral quality of the art form?
I always like to keep my paintings and see how a painting is fading causes me some grief, but it is the law of life for painting made directly on the pavement. Therefore it is important to make a record video and to take photographs.
I still keep 2 of my paintings works. I use an auxiliary support like the paper used for upholstering wall.
What are your views on street painting as a contemporary art form?
I know that Madonnari tradition is many centuries old, and painting in 3D art or anamorphosis is the product of Renaissance studies. In France it was made a giant anamorphic work in 1998, which plotted a rugby player. Perhaps the novelty now is the spectacular size that pavement 3D works could be.
The contemporary record is also made by video cameras or photographs, which do not have the same capacity of the human eye; the limitation makes the focal point a truly unique. We know that our view not capture depth if we use only one eye.
The 3D pavement paint seems to me a proposal according to the century of communications, web TV plus 2.0 or 3.0 version and all existing social networks. It's great to be able to capture over 100 still photos of a process and then join them by adding background music and sending it to the virtual world in search of long life and connect with more viewers.
CParedes_ Arte aplicado (2.30m x 1.10) 
Do you see this art form growing in South America…where do you see it going in the future?
I don´t find 3D pavement art widespread in South America. Julian Beever had to come to Argentina in 2008 to spread this art. I know a Brazilian artist who made a purely advertising production for a brand of beer. My sister brought a postcard from Chile with a photograph of 3D painting wall, anonymous. Someone from Chile, wrote me asking me about technical and production costs, but only for advertising purposes, also someone from Spain asked me about this technique, with artistic research purposes.
I don´t know others exponents in South America, I would like to share this art with more people who do the same, but if they exist I don´t know them or they are not disseminated in the media that I use on the web or on TV.  Apparently we are very few 3D pavement artists in South America.
In the future I would like to make giant paintings, strengthening the identity of the viewers of my country and bring to the eyes of the world the art and Peruvian prehispanic symbolism.

Cool 3D Street Art Pictures 2013

A cool collection of 3d pavement/street art pictures from around the world featuring stunning creations of bizarre, funny and artistic works of arts on the streets.

Beever works as a freelance artist and creates murals for companies, having created pieces around the world, from Europe to the US, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Batman and Robin
This cleverly constructed scene of Batman and Robin scaling the side of a burning building to rescue a real person is another testament to Julian Beever's amazing artist talent and ingenuity when it comes to creating visually deceptive pavement paintings.

The Crevasse

One of the most outstanding achievements in pavement painting must be this enormous crevasse painted by Edgar Mueller in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland for the Festival of World Culture in 2008.

This incredible painting is one of the best examples of optical illusion to date. You really do feel like you will fall into the abyss if you stand too close to edge. Perhaps he should have painted danger signs along the perimeter to warn people of the impending danger.
City in a City
This collaboration between four extraordinarily talented artists stopped pedestrians in their tracks with this outstanding view of the imagined city. Edgar Muller, Marion Ruthardt, Gregor Wosik and Manfred Stader created this masterpiece at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin in just 4 days.

It deceives the observer into believing that they are standing at the top of a skyscraper looking down onto the street below – you can actually feel dizzy as you look down far below into this painted city.
More cool pavement art...

Largest 3D Street Painting
Said to be the largest three dimensional street painting ever created, this amazing optical illusion was the brainchild of Edgar Mueller. Over 280 square meter of pavement was painted by Edgar and a few local artists, and the result is truly spectacular.

Standing at the edge of the enormous waterfall at the end of the painting is sure to make vertigo sufferers feel queasy, whilst those people daring to sit on painted makeshift raft look like they are going to be swept downstream any minute.
Feeding the fish
Julian Beever is an established pavement painting artist. He has been creating 3D masterpieces for over 10 years and his work is going from strength to strength. In this amazing drawing, Julian has managed to fool the passerby’s eye into believing that the pond is truly three dimensional.

It looks like the child is really sitting in the middle of a sunken pond, ready to feed the fish that are near the surface. Even though the drawing is only two dimensional, looking at it from this angle, there is no way you can convince your mind that it isn’t real.

Anyone who loved reading comic books as a child will instantly love this beautifully drawn picture of Superman. It is another superb anamorphic pavement painting by British pair Joe Hill and Max Lowry.
Bursting out of the pavement, Superman looks positively omnipotent and set to put right the injustices of not only his painted world below, but ours too.

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Here is your planet link up- you may run any action on them, but you need to do Riehle's Planets to get the planet effect.

What to put on your blog- you will receive 2 grades- one for the school planet and one for the outside of class planet- put both on ONE blog post- please put the panorama picture first followed by the planet.

Want some inspiration?????  Check out these planets!

Questions- look at this blog post!!!

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Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Great day taking pictures, warm and sunny!  Now to edit them.  Don't forget to crop your photo down!  Run Coffeeshop 2020 on it, its a great quick action!