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How to Draw Graffiti Letters - Write Jacob in Cool Letters

Have you observed the graffiti downtown? If you haven't, then take a peek this weekend and look closely to find out what I mean about self-expression. After checking it out, you'll see that graffiti is not pure vandalism after all. In fact there are organizations or groups of people who became well-known because of graffiti and are now paid well to create it.
One such group is the TATS CRU in New York who are paid to paint on street walls, subways and streets. Tats Cru claim to be "The mural kings who have changed public opinion of graffiti as an art form and have taken it to new heights." It is no longer seen as vandalism.
If you want to learn this art form, start the easy way to become a graffiti king. Grab a large piece of paper-preferably plain newsprint which is cheap, use a piece of charcoal or graphite pencil, and start with a few letters all in caps. Keeping it large will help you when you get to that huge wall that looks inviting!
It is best to take a look at some of the graffiti writing on Google images, you'll find a myriad of styles but choose one you like and copy it (for practice only.) You can use markers but using them on newsprint, they tend to bleed too much.
After you've practiced a bit, stand back and view your work. If you see one you really like and think it is great, you're ready to attack the nearest wall!
The practice run is over and you have chosen your own personal style--but wait a bit, isn't is pretty near so many of the other style you've seen? Can you differentiate it as your own? If not, back to the drawing board for a little more practice please.
The bubble-style graffiti is global; you find it on every wall in Africa, America and even Timbuktu. So make yours unique. How? Experiments as these dudes have done in New York-try straight and curved lines instead of all curves-or try dashes. Yeah, you CAN be creative!
If you want to create your own style it would be prudent for you to conceive your own signature but this may take some time to develop. When you have finally decided on the style you like, start drawing freely and add all sorts of other characters to it like dingbats.
Make your letters look bold and stylish. And to make it look 3D, your light source should come from the top left of your drawingand the shadows would fall at the bottom right of each letter. You can create great effects just inside your outlines by using a different color and by not following your outlines exactly.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

graffiti font

  • Glass Fonts Graffiti Alphabets
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  • 157 Graffiti Fonts and

  • graffiti font. Grafo Graffiti Fonts – Letters

  • Grafo Graffiti Fonts – Letters

  • graffiti font. Graffiti Fonts Collection 2
  • Graffiti Fonts Collection 2

  • graffiti font. stock vector : Graffiti Font K
  • stock vector : Graffiti Font K

  • graffiti font. Create Graffiti Fonts In Cans
  • Create Graffiti Fonts In Cans

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  • Graffiti fonts gt;gt; graffiti

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  • tidy little flash graffiti

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  • 3d Graffiti Fonts examples

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  • some other graffiti font

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  • Graffiti Fonts Via: New

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  • Complete Graffiti Fonts

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  • graffiti font numbers.

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  • Graffiti Font Graffiti font quot;D

  • graffiti font. Graffiti font A-Z alphabet
  • Graffiti font A-Z alphabet

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  • graffiti fonts a-z.

  • graffiti font. Grafo Graffiti Fonts – Letters
  • Grafo Graffiti Fonts – Letters
  • The Graffiti Creator - Create a Graffiti Text with Your Style

    Not so easy to stylize fonts. The Graffiti Creator section in control, allowing the style and color to apply automatically. You need a good practice to master these tools.
    Overall, Graffiti Creator is an excellent tool for styling text online. Of course, it can be a great hobby as a utility for different artists.
    The Graffiti Creator is a site where you can create stylized text in Graffiti style with its own characteristics. Resize, apply color, adjust and set everything just the way you want. Graffiti is one of the greatest symbols of urban art, applied to his style.

    The goal is to develop a site with his Graffiti tag (a kind of signature or unique feature on your dash). Focus on standardizing the height and width of his letters, as a Graffiti looks better when symmetrical.

    Their work is based on predefined fonts, created by the developers of the site. After choosing a type, it's time to give your face to him. Enter a text and work several details of each letter, setting standards of color, height, width, rotation, and various elements that compose the letter.

    Use and abuse of the tools available to the Graffiti Creator to do a job and it looks totally realistic to the designs seen on the streets. The result can be printed easily so that you can keep it. The Graffiti Creator still has five galleries in forum format for you to publish your work, like graffiti on walls made characters, hand-drawn sketches, digital photos and even pictures.

    On the homepage Graffiti Creator you can start your work. First, select a source model. Currently, five standards are available. Just click on the design of one of them to proceed.
    Then type the text in the appropriate field and click "Submit". It will show "raw", ready to be worked. Note that the letters can be worked individually. Just click on them in the area below the display of art.

    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti

    The fields "Width", "Height"and "Rotation" apply and change height, width and rotation of the lyrics. Move the sliders to achieve the desired effects. In the menu on the right, note that there are several options, such as "Coat", "Tween" and "Stripes. " Click on these menus to work in specific areas of the lyrics:

    "Coat" represents the total fulfillment of the letters, "Tween", "Stripes, " "Bubbles ", "Arrows", "Stars"and "Glaze" are effects that can be used individually or combined.

    In "Outlines, " you work outside lines, and can highlight them on "Highlight". "Inline" are the edges and "Background " allows you to change the background color of the art.

    You can include or exclude each of these items, and set the transparency for each. One tip is to concentrate first on the style of the letters, then the colors of each style applied.

    You can print the results by clicking the "Print"for that. (by

    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
    Graffiti Creator,Creator Graffiti
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    Graffiti Creator,Graffiti Letters
    Write Your Name in Graffiti Text with Graffiti Creator

    Maybe you often hear about the graffiti creator. Graffiti creator is a tool that can be used Write Your Name in Graffiti Text. We can make our name with the form of graffiti, in addition we can also give us the effect at will, surely effect a favorite of our own. Types of graffiti that have 3D effects, bubble, throwie and many more. If you want to try to make a graffiti with your name, then you can try to menguunjungi this site (
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    Graffiti Popeye Full Color ,Black and White

    Graffiti Popeye Black and White Pictures
    Are you know popeye ? cartoon characters which very familiar and fomous in the world. This graffiti design is one example graffiti with object popeye characters. Please enjoy this graffiti design.Thanks. .

    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    Graffiti art targets Kenyan 'vultures2013

    Graffiti artists work on the details of their latest piece in Nairobi, Kenya. They paint political art highlighting corruption and compare national leaders to vultures.
    Graffiti artists work on the details of their latest piece in Nairobi, Kenya. They paint political art highlighting corruption and compare national leaders to vultures.
    Kenyan graffiti artists put down traffic cones and road markings when they are painting to make the sites appear official.
    Kenyan graffiti artists put down traffic cones and road markings when they are painting to make the sites appear official.
    The graffiti gang steps back and admires their latest work. Each wears the 'anti-vulture' jacket.
    The graffiti gang steps back and admires their latest work. Each wears the 'anti-vulture' jacket.
    Before the group turned to political art their work including entertainment figures like Michael Jackson.
    Before the group turned to political art their work including entertainment figures like Michael Jackson.
    U.S. President Barack Obama is another of the group's non-corruption paintings.
    U.S. President Barack Obama is another of the group's non-corruption paintings.
    Another of the group's anti-corruption works.
    Another of the group's anti-corruption works.
    They choose the most visible walls to paint hoping the message will result in electoral change.
    They choose the most visible walls to paint hoping the message will result in electoral change.
    Details from one wall work that sums up the group's message to Kenyan voters.

    Sunday, September 29, 2013

    Sponge Bob, Graffiti Run Denver Apr 28 2013

    Sponge Bob Who??
    Sponge Bob Who?? Is this appropriate attire for the 5k ??
    Graffiti Run 5K Denver Colorado Apr 28 2013

    Thursday, September 26, 2013


    You are going to clone yourself! You will have 5 of you on 1 photo!  Is it hard- nope- quite easy!  You can even make yourself look like you are floating in midair!

    Here is a link to a video:

    So what do you need for today:
    1- A camera- not a phone- a camera.
    2.  A chair or 2- if you want to float you need one to stand on- you need one to put your camera on like a tripod.
    3. 2 people- you will be in your own photo- set everything up so you all your partner needs to do is push the shutter button!!

    Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    Trick Photo Link Up and Sunrise Sunset Link Up

    Here are both the link ups for the Trick and Sunrise Sunset.

    Monday, September 23, 2013

    Monday Sept. 23rd!!!

    Busy day- you have ALOT of things due TOMORROW!!!!!  Blue Black and White, Bubbles and Action is also do soon!  So today is a WORK day- remember to link up to the blog.

    Your trick photo needs to be edited with MCP Mini Fusion action.

    Your Sunrise, Sunset photo needs to have An HDR action ran on it- however I can't remember what it is called so look in Schoology under the Sunrise Sunset assignment.

    The trick photo link up will be up by the end of the hour.


    Thursday, September 19, 2013


    Ok, so here is a video for your action photo!!!

    Here is your link up

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    Today's Photos- Trick

    So we have done Trick Photos using Photoshop, now we are only going to use our digital cameras! If you go to here you can see examples of trick photography!  Take at least 10 shots........I want you to take the photos, not be in the photos!  Get into groups of 2-4 to take these shots!

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    Bubbles Link Up

    Bubbles link up!

    Blue Black and White Link Up

    Blue, Black and White Link Up

    Monday, September 16, 2013

    Monday- alot to do today!!!

    1- Go into Schoology- I don't have alot of assignments turned it!!!!  Every Monday check your grades!!!
    2- Go into your waterdrop post and comment on someones- edit your post- you DO NOT have to relink up.
    3- Let's talk Photoshop- Actions you need to download (from Schoology):  Need to know what a blog is due- check schoology!!!!

    1- PW Actions 1 and 2
    2- Coffeeshop Boost
    3- Riehle's Cinematic Action

    There are ALOT OF PW actions to choose from....pick the best for your photo- you may need to run a few of them on them.
    Here is an overview of the workflow:

    2- BUBBLES-  Coffeeshop Boost
    3- ACTION- Riehle's Cinematic Action
    Watch the video- (posted Tuesday)

    Cropping in Photoshop

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    Graffiti Artists
    Finding graffiti artists for hire can be difficult if you do not know where to look.  Many people think of graffiti in a negative way - they think of people who are out there defacing property.  This is not the case when it comes to those who are actually out there to make things look nicer and are using their talents in a way that will draw attention to whatever it is that they choose to paint.  Those who hire a graffiti artist are getting a competent artist who understands this art form and can create a masterpiece, often on a large scale.
    One example of why someone would want to hire a graffiti artist is because they want to create a mural.  This can be outside of their company, on the side of their vehicle as well and even for signs.  Graffiti artists for hire have a way of making their art form known. The reason that we notice graffiti, real graffiti and not just people spray painting, is because it is usually very colourful and in many cases, quite artistic.  They tend to use a lot of bold colours and patterns that are designed to get people to notice whatever it is that they have to say.  These are not street thugs who are out there to cause damage, but true artists who can use anything as a canvas to state their point.
    Naturally, those who want to also cause a sensation and get people to notice them, or usually their business, can engage these artists for money and then get them to create something unique for them. This is a different type of art form that can work for all types of advertising.  Even on a small scale, such as the design of a t-shirt, these artists can make work for them.  Those who really want to draw attention to themselves or their business are wise to consider these artists to help them along.

    Does Graffiti Qualify as Art?

    Since its birth, graffiti, or graffito in singular form, has always met two very conflicting views from people. For the conservatives, it is nothing more than a form of vandalism. For the modernists, it is an art form. Consisting from simple scratches to elaborate paintings on the wall, this art form is ancient and, like time, has evolved a hundred fold. In earliest times, the cavemen used it on the cave walls to depict their day to day activities, and the ancient Greeks used it in "modern style" to advertise prostitution. In this manner, the Greeks carved a handprint that looks like a heart beside a footprint and a number, indicating that a brothel is near. The Romans used it to carve love poems, love letters, alphabets, slogans or any other messages that they want to convey to the public in general in a fast way, on their walls and monuments. For them, it was a way of advertising and easy information dissemination. Not only did they do the art form in letters, they also had it in pictures. An example of this would be a second century carving of a crucified donkey that many believe to be a depiction of Jesus Christ.
    Despite the many reproofs, famous artists and painters had made use of it for plain amusement or for their profession. At one time, Renaissance artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Filippino Lippi, Pinturrichio, and Ghirlandaio went to visit Nero's Domus Aurea ruins and carved, or painted, their names resulting to a new style of decoration of that era. A lot of evidences provide information that the Americans, the French, the Egyptians, the Malays, the Japanese and the Chinese of early times had also made use of it. This just goes to show that no matter how hard some people refute and regard it as junk, this certain art form is part of their culture and history.

    In this day and time, graffiti has evolved greatly and has become part and parcel of the hip hop society and culture. With the technology available at hand, instead of carving the messages or images on the walls, the ones who make use of this art form now make use of the most handy aerosol spray cans, making it the most used tool for the modern art form. Because of this, graffiti has become a street art form and along with it emerged new styles. The first one is the basic form called the tag style. Because of its ease in execution being just a representation of an artist's name, it is most often used to gain recognition and as a signature of a larger piece. Next is where one makes a layer of color then outlines it with another color. This is called the throw-up style. Next style is the blockbuster style, which is made up of block letters making it very easy to read. The last style is called wild style and is made up of blended letters which are highly decorated.

    Graffiti Alphabet II BlackBook Fox

    Graffiti Alphabet II BlackBook Fox. AZ Graffiti letters black and white with freestyle creator. You can also emulate the style of each of the letters to make name graffiti.

    Drip drip drip DROP!

    1.  I used Iphoto to edit this photo.  I cropped it to 5x7 than I fixed the exposure, saturation, sharpness and detail.
    2. I picked this photo because of the number of water drops in the photo and the amount of detail in the drops.  I also like the flowers that are in the photo.
    3.  I really like the detail in the drops and the fact that they are very crisp and no blurry.
    4.  I would crop it in more- the reason I cropped it here is because I wanted the texture in the flower- however now that I look at it I would crop it more so you don't see the cars.

    Here is how you Link up your Blog!!!!

    Monday, September 9, 2013

    What to do with your Waterdop Photos

    1- Edit them in......gulp.......Iphoto.
    2- Post them to your blog........
    3- Answer these questions:

    1- How did you edit your photo (what settings did you adjust).
    2- Why did you choose this photo out of all your photos? (pre edited)
    3-  What do you like about it now that its edited?
    4-  What would you change about your photo?
    5- Comment on someones photo!!!  Make it a good comment, something they can use!  Comment on a different person's photo each week until you have commented on everyones- than start over again!

    Remember these things:

    1-You have to answer ALL questions.
    2- You have to use complete sentences and proper punctuation, capitalization etc.
    3.  If you write one sentence for each of these questions you will not receive full credit.

    Here you go- link up your blog!!!