Sunday, June 17, 2012

Graffiti Letters

origin 3D Graffiti black white color combination
Graffiti letters in the time instead of one form of art, but in his time the other can be called art. Let us return to the stone age, when the paper has not been made, at this time graffiti letters has been there. Early humans at the time, was writing, drawing, sketching, scribbling, sculpt, and or a variety of methods are used to create, pouring, or describe what they think to be a stone in a media that is around.
When the hook with the understanding that graffiti letters scribbles, text, images, media in the form of scratches on a wall, stone, or other objects that are large, then the graffiti letters, writing, scratches on the early humans is graffiti letters.
Development of human life at this point, change the view that the first graffiti letters just a simple value, but at this point becomes an art graffiti letters scribbling, drawing, writing high value.
graffiti letters is an art because the process is said that at the start of the graffiti letters, illustration, writing on the wall (media area) using markers and spray paint, can produce a form of 3D images or text that has meaning / purpose / aim / deep value, which sometimes we only understand the purpose of graffiti letters is repeated time after we saw it.
Why art is said that not everyone can be a Bomber (the term expert graffiti letters maker), because it actually takes more skill to be able to draw on the extensive media such as walls and the value / purpose of successfully conveyed to the viewer.

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