Sunday, June 17, 2012

Street Art vs Graffiti Beef!!!

I've been following the critically acclaimed Street Artist known as Banksy. He is known for his contraversial and sometimes comical strategically placed street art. Even though most of his art is stencils its still undeniably unique, but his work has been recently overshadowed by his defacing of a London Legend in the Graffiti realm, Robbo's oldest work:

People seem to be on both sides of the fence if it was disrespect or paying homage because the way Banksy's "workman" looks to be putting up the colorful wall paper which in essence is Robbo's legendary work. Most Graft-heads say it goes against the code amongst Graff Artists in defacing a Graffiti landmark of London for almost 25 years. I personally side with the Graff heads and think it was disrespect.
Whether it was disrespect of not, Robbo took it as just that and came out of a 16 year hiatus and retaliated tagging over What Banksy did so now it looks like Banksy's workman painted "King Robbo" which was a great comeback instead of completely covering Banksy's work so now it really looks like a Homage Piece by Banksy. :

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