Monday, September 9, 2013

What to do with your Waterdop Photos

1- Edit them in......gulp.......Iphoto.
2- Post them to your blog........
3- Answer these questions:

1- How did you edit your photo (what settings did you adjust).
2- Why did you choose this photo out of all your photos? (pre edited)
3-  What do you like about it now that its edited?
4-  What would you change about your photo?
5- Comment on someones photo!!!  Make it a good comment, something they can use!  Comment on a different person's photo each week until you have commented on everyones- than start over again!

Remember these things:

1-You have to answer ALL questions.
2- You have to use complete sentences and proper punctuation, capitalization etc.
3.  If you write one sentence for each of these questions you will not receive full credit.

Here you go- link up your blog!!!

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