Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday- alot to do today!!!

1- Go into Schoology- I don't have alot of assignments turned it!!!!  Every Monday check your grades!!!
2- Go into your waterdrop post and comment on someones- edit your post- you DO NOT have to relink up.
3- Let's talk Photoshop- Actions you need to download (from Schoology):  Need to know what a blog is due- check schoology!!!!

1- PW Actions 1 and 2
2- Coffeeshop Boost
3- Riehle's Cinematic Action

There are ALOT OF PW actions to choose from....pick the best for your photo- you may need to run a few of them on them.
Here is an overview of the workflow:

2- BUBBLES-  Coffeeshop Boost
3- ACTION- Riehle's Cinematic Action
Watch the video- (posted Tuesday)

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