Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What does that little Flower thing do On Your Camera????

Ever wondered about that little flower setting on your camera?  Ever used it?  Do you even have it?  Most cameras and even phones do!  But what is it?  Well its your macro setting- what is macro photography-  well its taking photos of small objects and making them appear larger- or taking photos REALLY close up.

So what are you doing????  Waterdrops!  Try to capture an image in a waterdrop.  Your setting flowers outside the building.  Examples???  Of course!  Check them out here and here!

A bit of advise from the pros:

Patience, persistence, and perseverance are necessary qualities of a water drop photographer. Creativity is also very helpful.  - The Comprehensive Water Drop Photography Guide

Example taken today what did I capture in the photo?

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